And this is message number two in this storied and rich chapter, Luke, chapter 15.

Jesus started by telling the story to men.

The Lesson Of Parable Of The Lost Sheep. How a Father loves His son,.

Before we discover two wonderful lessons in this parable of the lost sheep, there are first three truths you must consider.


That sheep is lost, oh, who will find it? Search today, search today; Oh, sound the voice of bride and Spirit, Search today, search today. ”. Storrs, Connecticut, United States.

I am the lost sheep and you´re the true shepherd (x2) You left on the mountain the ninety-nine sheep (x2) So eager yet patient you searched left and right (x2) You searched for me with hope (x2) It was your kind heart with the emptiness you felt (x2) You called for me where are you oh my beloved son (x2).

I was a wandering sheep. Big Big Worship. Though nine pearls are safe and sound, We will search till one is found.

Has wandered away from me; And although the road be rough and steep. Please adapt for your particular situation.

The TuneTime Gang retells the Jesus’ parable of the Lost Sheep and discover that God loves us all so much and will keep on searching for us until we are found by Him.

This recording is from "Burl Ives Sings Softly and Tenderly Hymns & Spirituals" [cassette tape].

The good Pasture desired. .

1 When some kind shepherd from his fold, Has lost a straying sheep, Through vales, o'er hills, he anxious roves, And climbs the mountain's steep. That its heart found a sweet tranquil rest; And the night and the storm spent their fury, And sunrise at last brought the day, But the sheep that had wandered in darkness, Once again in the fold safely lay.


As the shepherd goes into the wilderness to seek his lost sheep, so Jesus came to seek and save the lost: Lk.

This represented a principle of God’s work at that time among mankind, when He was in the flesh.

Sick and helpless, and ready to die. The reason that He must do this is because all of us like sheep have gone astray, far from the fold: 1 Pet. .

. He searched till He found him, With love bands He bound him, And I was that one lost sheep. Karen Lynn Davidson writes, “Though it might be assumed that the hymn would conclude with a call to all straying sheep to return to the fold, it is instead a call to the followers of Jesus to seek out those who are lost. ” But none of the ransomed ever knew How deep were the waters crossed; Nor how dark was the night that the Lord passed through Ere He found His sheep that was lost. .

This represented a principle of God’s work at that time among mankind, when He was in the flesh.

. The ninety-nine are safely lying In the fold, in the fold; Go search the sheep that’s lost and dying, In the cold, in the cold.

Big Big Worship.

God used this parable to describe His resolve.


I Go To The Desert To Find My Sheep.

15:4-7, 19:10.